Human Resource

Organisational growth is directly associated with the quality of Human Resource it has. Human Resource bears the testimony of organisations’ excellence. We do have thorough screening during the course of selection, and get such candidates on board, who are dedicated, talented and hardworking individuals; and who could be the partner in the pace of our growth. We have a specific code of conduct to be applied to all the employees irrespective of hierarchy. We treat our employees as the partner in our endeavour rather than mere staff members of our work force.

Why Us

As our name OASIS stands, we believe in turning OUR name functional making it a normal of sorts in every sphere of our activity whether it is Human Resource – (Eminent Faculties), Admin & Marketing staff or the splendid results in Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams. We perceive ‘Human Resource’, – one of our greatest assets that drive the pace of our growth. ‘We are known by our people’ – the ideal slogan that identifies us. We try to maintain close acquaintance of the employees from top to bottom with the higher echelons of Management. Our higher Management is easily accessible to every employee irrespective of his/her position – this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our HR Policy

We have democratic HR policy at our aegis to bring transparency in the growth and development of the employees. We treat all the employees at equal counting irrespective of race, religion, colour, sex, age and social status. Our only parameter is PERFORMANCE. The outperformers deserve the best reserving their berths with us for any period of time they are willingly. We hire and don’t fire unless the employees turn underperformers.

  • We have a separate HR entity which is committed to chalk out the impartial policy of recruitment, hiring, discipline, discharge, pay, promotion, work assignment, scheduling of working hours & training etc
  • We have a specific grievance and its redress cell which is in the close observation of the management. The aim is to protect the employees against any acts of harassment like bullying, intimidation, degradation and sexual harassment at work place. Management takes cognisance of such matter independently
  • We are resolved to creating high performance and high productive work and institutionalised utilisation of measures to drive productivity and resource optimisation
  • We are in the process of leveraging technology to evolve smart HR processes to cater to a diverse and distributed workforce with shorter process times integrating and sharing best practices in our organisation
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