OASIS’ Social Services: At a Glance

“Good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.” —Desmond Tutu

bone of every society, while quality education is the dream of the majority, which is scarce in the developing countries like ours. In India, out of the 229 million students enrolled for class I — XII, only few receive quality education with good teachers and teaching aids. Not to speak of higher education like Medical & Engineering, even our primary & secondary education has been subjected to bite the dust as a UNICEF report reveals: 40-50 per cent of the children from 15-18 years age group are dropping out of schools. These drop-outs become child-labourers denying themselves access to quality education and professional skills.

In line with other private organisations, without joining hands with the government, we are trying our level best to make that ultimate dream of offering quality education in India come true. As an important part of it, the role of private sector with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India is crucial in improving the deplorable educational state in India. And we are heading towards the mission from ground level.

To accomplish the mission of making India an educationally developed and intellectually prosperous nation, the pressing need is to bring the underprivileged sections into the mainstream of society. Thus, we started taking initiative in that direction right from our inception for being into Education sector. Understandably, Primary and Secondary education are the core, the backbone of the sum total of education one gets in one’s lifetime.

As a coaching, guidance and counselling centre, we pick 10% students from government schools out of our total strength, who are economically depressed, and exempt their tuition fees thereby ensuring them free of cost quality education. And this initiative has started bearing fruit in terms of the success rate of students in elite Medical & Engineering Entrance Tests of the country of those underprivileged students whom we have provided counselling and guidance.

Education in general needs outside social support because government’s funds and efforts are insufficient to cater to the emerging demands of education that can bring social justice and bridge economic disparity. The urgent need is the intervention of CSR on educational landscape of India. Indeed, CSR in the field of Education in India is a worthy cause to contribute to, which OASIS is delivering effectively!

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