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Our Faculty Members

Teachers are the path-finders, illuminators and illustrators, who fuel the passion of learning amongst the students. There are so many instances when average students turned out toppers due to the motivation of our faculty members. We have a pool of talented faculty members coming from eminent institutions like IITs/AIIMS and from other institutions of repute. A perfect blend of academicians and technocrats together constitute the team of our faculty members. We perceive faculty members as our real assets. They work as torchbearers to the students harnessing their potential to make them succeed. The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the oyster and polished to perfection.

The contribution of our faculty members is immense that helps students excel in their endeavours. Our consistent excellent results are due to the faculty’s unique teaching methodology, commitment and dedication. They don’t leave any doubt for chance till the optimum satisfaction of students.
OASIS conducts regular workshops for the teachers to sharpen their teaching skills and improve their subject knowledge. Our faculty members are so competent that they prepare the study materials for the competitive exams, which work wonders in the end.

Our Teaching Ecosystem

  • Highly Qualified Faculty from IITs/NITs/AIIMS & PhD, who are adept in making complex problems simple and turning the LEARNING a fun-filled exercise
  • NCERT is perceived as the BIBLE for conceptual clarity that enriches the fundamentals. We emphasise on LEARNING rather than ‘Rote-Learning’
  • Weekly (Comprehensive – Chapter wise Aptitude Test) C-CAT is conducted. This helps students in plugging chapter wise problems thereby improving upon
  • Monthly Test and Discussion (TAD) is organised to review the performance of students, and to devise fresh strategies for further improvement
  • Brainstorming Sessions are conducted by teachers that help students clear their doubts after the completion of every chapter/topic making them confident enough
  • All India OASIS Test Series (AIOTS) is conducted when Medical/Engg. Entrance Tests are close at hand. Score at this, gives an overview of actual level of preparation
  • ‘Term-Test’ is organised to review the firsthand experience and competition ranking of the students wherein their real competency level stands up
  • Unique ‘Tailor-Made Teaching Methodologies’ are employed by stable faculty members supplemented by a series of multi-faceted Tests at regular intervals
  • Result Based Coaching (RBC) accelerates students’ tempo to work smart and grasp the subject matter in easy and tricky manner to hit the success-goal
  • Special Topic wise Booklets/Sheets are designed by subject teachers considering students’ requirements every year that contain tricky questions and their solutions
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