Pre-Foundation Course (Udbhav Batch) for Class VIII

Every building has a plinth; likewise, every accomplishment has its cumulative progression that takes a specified period – nothing comes overnight, because ‘Rome was not built in a day’. As the word ‘Foundation’ stands, ‘Pre-Foundation’ has to play more significant role compared with Foundation.

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1 Year Regular Classroom Programme

2 days in a week for 7.5 hrs (3 hrs + 4.50 hrs)

300 hours (Excluding ‘Tests & Discussions’)                   

Class VII passed


(Saturday & Sunday)               During vacation, classes can be held on weekdays also.

This programme helps students in grasping the fundamentals of subjects and developing their personality. ‘Training the Brain’ of students to think logically, and sharpening their IQ to inculcate scientific aptitude, which will be useful and helpful throughout their life, is the intent of this programme. Enabling the students to excel in competitive exams is the core of this programme.

This Program is ideal for class VIII students, who wish to make their career in any field of their choice because their fundamentals are strengthened aiming to make them ‘game- ready’. NTSE, Olympiads and other Scholarship Tests are primary focus.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Mental Ability, English & Social Studies.


This is a meticulously designed programme that lays strong foundation and provides targeted preparation by strengthening the foundation of the students for International Level Olympiads in Mathematics, English and Junior Sciences through IMO, ISO & IEO; National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS) and Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) at National and Regional Levels respectively.

A scientifically designed programme synchronised with school curriculum that aims to develop analytical skills & rational thinking among the students is the central idea of this programme. It synergises both school curriculum and competitive exams without putting undue time pressure.

Student’s mental horizon is sharpened and encouraged to experiment the concept and techniques as per their individual style of learning. They also get friendly environment for personal exploration and common skill enhancement.

In addition to classroom lectures, comprehensive study materials are provided covering the entire content in a scientific way that enhances the learning of the students with easy illustrations. Work book for home assignments are also given. Parents are also informed about the regular feedback of Tests results and the overall performance of their wards. Students are also given orientation for competitive exams.

  • Chapter-wise Comprehensive Aptitude Test C-(CAT) is conducted after the completion of each chapter. This test aims to assess students’ level of understanding chapter wise. This regular exercise helps students in plugging their loopholes/mistakes and providing them an opportunity to correct by discussions with the concerned teacher.
  • Phase Tests, Part Tests, ‘Mock Tests’ and Full Tests are organised on regular basis. On the gradual completion of syllabus, these Tests are organised as per the pre-determined schedule in the simulated environment that boosts the confidence of the students. 
  • Biometric Attendance System brings transparency by updating the status of arrival & departure of students to their parents. SMS is also sent to the parents for updates.
  • Integrated Comprehensive Study Materials are provided that doesn’t require any additional book. It covers Board as well as competitive Exams syllabus. Supplements like Work Books for Home Assignments are provided. 
  • Early Competitive Exams Orientation is provided on the pattern of NTSE, JSTSE and other national & international level Olympiads.
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