My Scholarship

Scholarship is a sparkling phrase that doesn’t only serve as catalyst bringing motivation among the students but also provide financial aids to the toiling students thereby helping them achieve their Career-Goals. My scholarship is a tantalising term that infuses EXTRA energy in the students.

We provide scholarship to meritorious students irrespective of caste/class aiming to bring parity in education. Deserving students need no recommendation because their scholastic performance eventually counts at the Test conducted at our aegis setting benchmark of their merit.

Scholarship through OASIS Merit Marathon (OMM)

We conduct OASIS Merit Marathon (OMM) once in a year in the month of December: A level playing scholastic platform for the students in general; and a scholarship Test in particular. We select out deserving students through this Test and offer them scholarship as per their performance at the Test. This is a Talent Hunt Exam that serves an opportunity to the students to assess their merit at ‘National Level’ and get ‘Scholarships Bonanza’ in turn. Class VI-X studying students are only eligible to appear in this Test.

On qualifying this Marathon, students will get right mentoring that helps them in career counseling and plugging their shortcomings so that they can plan how to improve upon their own performance for ensuring success in the competitive exams of their choice. This opportunity is worth capitalising for the deserving students to shape the Dream-Career of their choice. 

We offer 100% Scholarship in terms of fee waiver to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd rankers in OMM from each class besides cash awards. Except the first three Toppers, for the rest of students a scholarship ranging from a minimum 35% to maximum 80% is offered in terms of fee waiver on tuition fee only out of the entire Course Fee Structure based on their performance at OMM.

Scholarship through OASIS Scholarship cum Admission Test (OSAT)

OASIS-Scholarship cum Admission Test (O-SAT) is organised by OASIS every now and then round the year whenever a student seeks admission and get scholarship. We offer a scholarship up to maximum 80% under this scheme. This scholarship on offer ranges from 35% to 80% based on the performance of the students at the Test. The aim of this Test is to bring uniformity offering equal opportunity to the students in general. Class VI-XII studying/passed students are eligible to appear in this Test.

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